Team Player Name Type Of Card Date issued Fine Info



Any player in any given game when issued a Straight Red Card must leave the playing ground immediately, player will serve a minimum of 1 game suspension (pending a full report) and a $100.00 fine will be assessed.

Any bench clearing brawls will result in suspension of both teams involved; removal from league and a $1000.00 team fine will be assessed. Failure to do so, teams and players will be banned from all ISSA affiliated games.

Red Card:

A person receives a Red Card for Fouls, which the Referee considers violent or committed with excessive force, and for:

(A) Third-Time Penalty;
(b) Elbowing: Intentionally elbowing an opponent above the shoulder;
(c) Vicious Slide-Tackling: A tackle from the side or from behind directly into one or both legs of an opponent, seriously endangering him;
(d) Fighting;
(e) Leaving Team Bench or Penalty Area to confront the opposition or a Game Official;
(f) Extreme Unsporting Behavior: Committing particularly despicable behavior, including:

(i) Spitting at an opponent or any other person;
(ii) Extremely abusive language or behavior toward a Game Official;
(iii) Bodily contact with a Game Official in dissent.

Time Penalties:

The following penalties apply to offenses for which a Card is issued (subject to further action by the Administrative Authority):

(a) Blue Card: 2-minute Time Penalty in the Penalty Area;
(b) Yellow Card (for a player’s second Blue Card): Warning of the subsequent possibility of an ejection (2-minute Time Penalty for the Blue Card);
(c) “Administrative” Red Card (for a player’s third Blue Card): 2-minute Time Penalty and ejection.
(d) “Straight” Red Card (for a player’s third Blue Card): 5-minute Time Penalty and ejection.

All forfeits in the form of no call/no show will be fined $200.